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idk if i’m becoming more comfortable with my body or i just don’t care anymore

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 Key... your humour... 

That is so cute!

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oh my god. the kitten’s like “no, human! you’ll lose the hand! you use that hand to feed me! I’ll save it!” , it makes my heart melt.

my hero

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Hi there Pig-Rabbit we meet again!! :D

That crucial point where the aim of winning the pot money lies heavily in the hands of the royal siblings a.k.a The Blackholes in Beast^^

Being lost: 120418 BEAST Interview on MTV Taiwan


MC: I think in this group, them as a whole or individually as a solo, they still give off a bright image and success. Of course a while back Hyunseung formed the sub-unit “Troublemaker” with HyunA. Let us talk about it shall we?

Hyunseung: It was an awesome promotional event and received a lot…